For Parties Who Want to Appeal or Must Defend an Appeal

Quite often, a party to a case is unhappy with the result and wants to explore whether an appeal would be appropriate. Or maybe you received a favorable result that now you have to defend on appeal.

Steven R. Merican, P.C. accepts cases directly from parties to those appeals.

Many of the firm’s clients are direct parties in cases who are left with decisions on what to do about an appeal. Many clients recognize the benefits of having a lawyer other than their trial attorney review the record for appellate issues and prepare the appellate brief. Maybe your case needs fresh eyes, a new perspective, or the view of an experienced appellate practitioner.

Don’t be worried about changing lawyers. When necessary or as requested by the client, we work with your trial lawyer to assure a smooth transition and work flow, or a collaborative effort.

The first thing we’ll do for you is listen to your story. Then we’ll review the necessary parts of the case record. Then we’ll recommend your best strategies.

The firm’s billing arrangements always are straight forward and transparent. Our business model is different than what you’ll find at most other firms, so we’re able to keep fees and expenses down. We do business always abiding by these key principles:

  • Everyone is treated respectfully.
  • Everyone gets our best and candid advice.
  • Everyone gets our complete loyalty.
  • Everyone gets our best and highest efforts.

Call Steve Merican directly (630) 579-6460; or contact him online to discuss your dispute.