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Contact Chicago state and federal appellate lawyer Steve Merican if you need to appeal a jury verdict, order for summary judgment, or any other reviewable order entered in a federal district court within the Seventh Circuit, or in any Illinois Circuit Court.

If you're a trial attorney with limited appellate experience or you can't spare the time for the intensive research and writing necessary to succeed on appeal, Steven Merican can help you as co-counsel, as the attorney of record, or on whatever terms work best for you and your client.

He also provides local counsel services for pro hac vice admissions, deposition coverage, civil motions, and any other litigation support services you need in Chicago, Lake County, or DuPage County.

Steven Merican is a 1982 graduate of Chicago-Kent College of Law, and has focused on civil appeals and trial work for his entire career. For a more complete summary of his professional background, click on his name below.

Steve R. Merican

Principal of Steven R. Merican PC
Oak Brook, IL

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