Appellate Techniques

Over his 24-year appellate career, Illinois Court of Appeals practitioner Steven Merican has developed techniques that have proved highly effective before state and federal appellate courts. To find out how his focus on civil appeals can work for you, contact him in Woodridge, Illinois.

Appellate courts increasingly rely on the appellate brief to affirm or overturn a decision. The ability to craft an effective appellate brief is critical for the success of a state or federal appeal. Steven Merican has extensive experience utilizing the appellate brief preparation and oral argument techniques needed to succeed.

Appellate practice today emphasizes written briefs over oral arguments. Call or email Steven Merican for a pre-production copy of his article "Writing an Appellate Brief, How to Make Tax Law an Interesting Read".  Or for a copy of his current article, select this link. "How to Write an Appellate Brief That Judges Want to Read and Answers Their Questions".

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