Appellate Services for Attorneys

A good deal of the firm’s practice comes from referrals from other lawyers, and from lawyers who recognize a need for consultation on appeals they are handling.

Many lawyers, with clients who want to appeal an adverse decision or who must defend an appeal, have limited time or desire to devote to an appeal. Preparation of a top-drawer appellate brief requires substantial effort. The time to prepare a professional appellate brief is time a lawyer takes away from servicing other clients and doing what he or she does and likes best. It is time away from the lawyer’s primary revenue-producing activity.

Steven R. Merican, P.C. takes the stress and worry from referring lawyers by handling the appeal from soup to nuts. You assure your client gets a professionally written brief and you get minimal angst and to keep your practice running at its optimal level.

Many lawyers want professional advice on appellate strategy − sometimes from co-counsel, sometimes from a consultant in the background. Often lawyers want an appellate practitioner to assist with writing a brief or with preparation for oral argument. Steven R. Merican, P.C. provides a full array of appellate services to those lawyers, all dependent upon your needs and desires.

The firm is prepared to enter different and unique working and financial relationships depending on particular lawyer and client requirements.

To help you think about your needs to retain an appellate practitioner, take a look at Nine Reasons To Outsource Your Appeal. To get you thinking about what’s involved in drafting a professional brief, read Steve Merican’s article, “How To Draft An Appellate Brief That Judges Want To Read And Answers Their Questions.” And for more ideas on how to assure your brief addresses the judicial mind, click here to read about Appellatology, a unique service offered by Steven R. Merican, P.C.