About Us

The Illinois civil litigation and appeals law firm of Steven R. Merican, P.C., represents parties who need experienced and sophisticated representation on appeal of a state or federal trial court result, and also works with referring or collaborating trial counsel in the preparation and presentation of appellate briefs. Additionally, Chicago state and federal appeals attorney Steve Merican serves as local counsel for attorneys with civil litigation pending in Illinois Circuit Courts or the U.S. District Court for the District of Northern Illinois. For additional information about the scope of Steve Merican's services, contact him toll-free at (630) 579-6460.

Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent-rated Chicago appellate lawyer Steve Merican has 30 years of experience with civil trials and appeals, and has written on appellate advocacy techniques and other issues. His concentrated and disciplined approach to appellate work has achieved impressive results for many clients and co-counsel in the past. He's prepared to work with you on your case on terms that best fit your needs and practice style. From outright referral to preparation of a draft brief for your use and ultimate signature, to strategy consultation, and everything in between.

Chicago civil appeals attorney Steve Merican is a 1982 graduate of Chicago-Kent College of Law and is a member of the Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association. For further information about his appellate or local counsel services, contact him at his office in DuPage County, Illinois.